Dragon ball super 116 set illustration: the big quick hearts, the opening of the fukula finally defeated by goku

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The 116th episode of dragon ball animation has been updated, which is very popular.

First of all, the beginning of the realization of the su goku of the most important work, light reserve.

As the power continues to ascend, the aura around goku becomes stronger and stronger.

Why do you know, after the angel of the next door,The power of the man who is a warrior is like a vigour, which brings the goku back into the realm of uneasiness.

goku grew stronger and stronger.

The god of destruction, the audience, the angels, the gods of the world.

But gilian, on the other hand, is a mountain of strength.It seemed that the next outburst of goku did not enter his eyes.

Lao he is a man of strength, and he keeps improving himself.

"Come, come..."

So he took the initiative, but it didn't work.

This bureau, the union soldier is very embarrassed, the arrogance of gas is reduced, can never get goku.

Beghita looked on with admiration, and recalled the secret of angel wes' explanation of his uneasiness.

In the battle, goku suddenly grasped the new skills.

This skill seems to be fun, and in the state of extreme effort, the blow of a fist without the force of the force can be used to fight the warrior.

Without moving mountains, ji lian sensed the new power of goku, and the eyes opened again, and goku was stronger again.

She was not willing to use her best combination of skills.

The angel said, this is the final weapon!The elephant is very nervous.

The ultimate weapon, the full screen skill,

A gas field that is full of lasers.Swear to kill the goku.

The last pretend bility of the fit warrior, the last remaining in this.But in the face of goku's light dodge, no role.

"I won," she said, sending a huge shockwave.

However, goku is easy to avoid, with a powerful turtle faction.

The fighters were bombarded with great distances.

Due to the lack of physical strength, goku is not confronted with the man of the fit warrior, relying directly on evasive action to defeat the enemy


And the earrings break down


When they were separated, they were sent to the stands to get out.It's very popular.

The whole king clicked the button of the exit.

This is a very nice episode。

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